Los Angeles Haunted Hollywood

Is it cold in here, or is it just spooky o’clock? With Halloween’s haunting shudder-and-goosebump fest just around the corner, LUXE has rounded up some ghoulish LA attractions to get you in the mood. Fright-night doesn’t have to be safely predictable – try some of these alternative offbeat activities, for the most original of tremors and terrors.

Thanks to A-list RIP icons such as DeMille, Valentino and other Old Hollywood luminaries, the Hollywood Forever cemetery is about as famous as its hallowed six-feet-under residents. It’s ghostly-good as a Halloween hideout; the vibe changes in summer, when crowds congregate for BYO movie screenings (accessorised with many a whiff of medical jane).

Witness modern miracles, look out for white rabbits and flirt with magicians (and the dark arts) at The Magic Castle, an infamous den of magical mystery (and the clubhouse for the Academy of Magical Arts). You’ll need a reservation – and a jacket and tie, chaps – to access this mystically exclusive private member’s club; being on first name terms with a local wand-wielder helps. Catch a show, enjoy a seance-style feast and pick up potions and portents from the majestic mansion’s unearthly gift shop. Broomsticks: optional.

The Heritage Square Museum – a living history museum that peeks back in time to explore the settlement and development of Southern Cali, from the Civil War to the early C.20th – is pretty entertaining all-year round. In honour of Halloween, the museum is hosting a special scary-movie night in its grounds. Bring a picnic, a blanket and some spare change for popcorn and sodas; the screening kicks off at 7pm, with doors opening at half six. Frightfully good...

Hollywood Forever / 6000 Santa Monica Blvd / +1 323 469 1181 / 8am-5pm daily / hollywoodforever.com

The Magic Castle / 7001 Franklin Ave / +1 323 851 3313 / 5pm-2am daily / magiccastle.com

The Heritage Square Museum / 3800 Homer St / +1 323 225 2700 / 11.30am-4.30pm Fri-Sun / heritagesquare.org