New Acoustic Camp

Though Japanese music is today typified by the chart-topping phenomenon that is J-Pop, and the alternative electronic and rock subcultures, the country in fact has a long and rich history set to the soundtrack of folk tunes and instruments, like the stringed shamisen and taiko drum. And though its presence today is perhaps not as prolific as its fast-paced counterparts, the folk and acoustic music scene is still alive and well, especially in the green hills of Gunma, where the fourth annual New Acoustic Camp musical festival is set to be staged this coming weekend.

The two-day celebration of all things unplugged, organic and easy-going will take place on 13-14 September, with live performances by local and international indie acts including Yūko Andō, Caravan, Katahira Rina, Johnsons Motorcar and jazz duo EGO-WRAPPIN’. In addition to the happy, soulful music, the festival will also host pop-up eateries, organic produce stalls, clothing and jewellery vendors, plus a host of sporting and creative activities like lake kayaking, yoga classes and craft workshops. Nature lovers can camp out overnight, or if a warm bed is more your cuppa green tea, ditch the sleeping bag and just go for the day – Gunma is less than two hours from Tokyo by car or train. Bravo!

One and two-day passes are available on the New Acoustic Camp website.

Minakami Kogen Resort 200 / Minakami / Gunma Prefecture /