French onion soup and tots of absinthe aren’t the only ways to stay warm in Paris this winter. Here’s LUXE’s list of favoured winter warmers, from morning exertions – of the Arctic or the African kind – to evenings spent in the company of belly-heating wines and delicious bistro fare.

It might seem bonkers to head to an ice rink when it’s freezer-cold outside, but you’ll warm up your limbs in no time by attempting to beat gravity and stay upright on the white slippery stuff. (If you’re something of a practiced ice-skater, respect.) Once you’ve gorged on pre-twirl croissants and coffees for breakfast, head to one of our preferred Parisian patinoires (ice rinks): the glittery expanse at L’Hôtel de Ville or Trocadéro, plus the shiny kingdom on the first level of the Eiffel Tower.

Prefer to work up a sweat on slightly less slippery ground? You’re in luck: the annual Africolor music festival (17 Nov–24 Dec) is a fun, colourful, riotous celebration of African music and culture, which takes place in various venues across the city. One thing’s for certain: approximately zero ice will be invited. Huzzah!

Having done your daily exercise (and worked up a thirst), it’s time to reward yourselves. Oenophiles: stagger this way, please. Warm belly, heart and soul with a glug or two of delicious French wine at cosy Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels, a cool, shabby-swank club for natural-wine-lovers, with a friendly atmos and bright-as-a-button staff brought in by the ECC gang. (To really do things properly, add a generous dose of cheese.)

Having successfully ticked off one, two or three pre-prandials, head to Bistrot Paul Bert to continue the sensory indulgence and round off the winter wonders in style. Nothing wards off chilblains better than French feasts – or so we’ve been led to believe. This brilliant bistro, where portions run large, pays fitting tribute to all the classics, including steak-frites, andouillette, soufflé and tarte Tatin. Owner Bertrand Auboyneau has a healthy crush on wine – and it shows on his joyful wine list.

L’Hôtel de Ville / pl de l'Hôtel de Ville, 4th / +33 1 42 76 40 40 /
Trocadéro / pl du Trocadéro, 16th
Eiffel Tower / 5 ave Anatole France, 7th / +33 892 70 12 39 /
Africolor Music Festival / 17 Nov – 24 Dec, 2017 / 5 rue Arthur Groussier, 10th / +33 1 47 97 69 99 /
Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels / 7 rue Lobineau, 6th / +33 9 54 90 20 20 / 6pm-2am daily /
Bistrot Paul Bert / 18 rue Paul Bert, 11th / +33 1 43 72 24 01 / lunch & dinner Tue-Sat